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PARENTS: How to discipline your children


NOTE: If you have the urge to do any of these, your child will soon learn how to behave fast. You may need to tie their hands behind their back right before a spanking and tie their feet together as well. Then right after each spanking, you need to release them if they were tied up during the spanking. If you are weak, your children could easily escape from a spanking within the first minute of it. They will instantly grow up and become well behaved if you actually take the time to do nearly all of the following procedures ! ! !


    If the kids ever hit their parents, the parents should give them a 30-minute-spanking with the belt. They'll instantly be too afraid to ever hit their parents again ! ! !


    If the kids mouth off to their parents, they need a 10-minute spanking with the spatula.


    If the mouthing off persists, use the whip for 20 minute-whippings. They will learn to keep their mouth shut and be afraid to sass or mouth off ever again, because they will instantly learn fast and realize that its not worth getting spanked for 20 minutes with something as hard as a spatula, they will definently realize it. Trust Us ! ! ! If they ever by chance kick, slap, or stike their parents during a spanking, get something harder and just spank longer and longer. For example: If Rick, is the dad and Spencer is the son: If Rick, the dad is giving Spencer, the son a whipping/spanking with the belt right on the bed for 10 minutes and Spencer, the son kicks Rick, the dad, then Rick, the dad should get the whip or spateula and spank Spencer, the son for 20 minutes in a row. Double the Paddling time for each kick ! ! !


    If the kids give their parents a dirty look, they need a head slapping for 5 minutes with the wooden spoon. Again if they scream during a spanking or head slapping, IGNORE it, again so that they learn from their mistake and how wrong it TRULY is. Also remember that they are even more likely to learn from their mistake if they get red bruises or belt-marks during or after their spankens.


    See Getting the BELT, The Politically CORRECT SPANKING OF THE FUTURE, for more information. Once again, also remember if you spank your child with the ruler, be careful not to break it. Since it is very breakable, its best if you use that before you start to use the harder paddling, spanking, and whipping tools.


    Click Here to See a Chart of When to Spank your Children, If you follow exact instructions as posted on the chart, your children will once again just instantly grow up and be very well-behaved ! ! !


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