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How to Spank Children When it Comes to Discipline for Misbehavior

  • A Swot is just a swot. A whipping/spanking is a series of swots. Should be no less than 20 seconds and no less than 20 swots.

  • You could use your hand and just give a local swot the first time they misbehave.

  • The second time, you could give a full spanking with your hand.

  • The third time, you could use the ruler to spank them (giving a full spanking) If you are worried that it will break, go to the next step.

  • The fourth time, you could take off your belt and spank them. (giving a full spanking)

  • The fifth time, you could use the whip you use to whip horses with (giving a full spanking)

  • The sixth time, you could use the board of an airplane to spank them (giving a full spanking)

  • The seventh time, you could use a metal strap to spank them (giving a full spanking)

  • After that, you should increase time on their whippings.

  • Sometimes you may need to spank them REALLY HARD with a belt, paddle, or whip for them to learn right from wrong. You may need to do it for 5 or 10 minutes. This may aquire more than a 100-cumulative-swot-spanking.

  • If your children ever kick you while your spanking them, go to next hardest whipping tool and double the time you were currently spanking them for . . .

    Click Here to see a spanking chart and for what offenses and tools used.

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  • You may do a spanking system, regardless of what you spank them with:

  • The first time could be a WARNING with no swots.

  • The second time could be a one-minute-spanking.

  • The third time could be a two-minute-spanking.

  • And so on.

  • You have TWO CHOICES, you could either use HARDER TOOLS each time to spank with or SPANK LONGER each time.

  • REMEMBER: The worse the spanking, the faster and easier they learn. If they scream at you during a spanking, IGNORE it, just keep on whipping so that they learn from their bad behavior or mistake.

    More advice on other times to spank children, you may also slap them for any of these things:

  • Disobediance

  • Sassing back

  • Mouthing off

  • Having an attitude


  • They are even more likely to learn from their mistakes if they get bruises or bloodmarks on them. They will think " O Man, I better not mouth off to my dad or mom or misbehave any other way ever again. Its not worth Mom or Dad giving me long whippings that hurt really bad and give me bruises ! ! ! "

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